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Legacy of Love



From Jim: The Brain Cancer Awareness 5K started as a result of Tom’s wife, Barb, developing brain cancer and her encouragement to do something to make others aware of this terrible disease. Barb passed shortly after the first year’s 5K but Tom has been a force of continued support to everyone around him as president of the BCA5K. Though he has sometimes wanted to quit, he has pressed through and found the strength to keep motivating others to continue in the fight to raise the funds to put toward research in finding a cure. From Michelle: I would like to nominate my husband, Tom Rajchel, for the Legacy of Love Award. The operative word for Tom is LOVE. Love for his late wife, Barbara Rajchel and for the love of the BCA5K and Head for the Cure team and all of those that are in the family! Tom has lived this love from the first time that Barb mentioned starting the BCA5K to bring awareness and to raise funds to find a cure for brain cancer. This was added to the ring while Barb, Tom. their family and friends were in the throes of fighting this battle. Tom took this sword and with many other people started the Brain Cancer Awareness 5K. Barb was at the first race, but lost her battle to this horrible disease. But, she would be very proud of Tom and all that he has done to help the seed grow that she planted. Tom’s love continued year after year to share hope and to let other know that they were not alone. Putting on the 5K was work. It was work that need a little bit extra help. So, the board decided to join with the Head for the Cure. This is allowing us to continue to bring a greater awareness and to reach even more researchers to find a cure. Tom’s love for other is evident in the fruit that has grown from that tiny seed. Thank you Tom for all that you do! I love you! Your Wife, Michelle