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Legacy of Love

Vanessa B



Vanessa’s Love for Tom was never-ending. Tom’s diagnosis when their relationship was peaking – right before they became engaged. Vanessa stood by Tom’s side and both were determined to fight and do everything humanly possible to beat the disease – And continue forward with their plans for Life – not allowing this setback to stop their plans. They became engaged after Tom’s first recession – Planned a wedding amidst treatments. Celebrated a wedding that the Beaumont community is still talking about. Tom and Vanessa wanted to have a product of their love so took steps to start a family. Vanessa became pregnant. I still remember the tears of joy pouring down both of their faces when they found out she was carrying Tom’s son – “Tommy”. The hope of a child brought the entire family so much joy when we needed it the most. Vanessa cared for Tom tirelessly, day and night while working and while she was pregnant. We lost Tom in March of 2019. Apparently, the stress was too much for Vanessa and the baby as we lost Tommy in May 2019. Since Tom’s passing, Vanessa has pledged to continue fighting the fight including Head for the Cure. In honor of the love between Vanessa and Tom – I nominate Vanessa for the legacy of love award.