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In Remembrance


Ava Hutchinson

Ava was everyone’s best buddy, no matter how young or old. She was friendly and had a heart of gold. Ava especially loved a good laugh and had a witty sense of humor. She loved to sing and dance too, but fashion was her passion. She had a sense of sassy style that stood out and was always accessorized from head to toe.
Ava’s life wasn’t easy, but she lived like a champ…
At twenty-eight months of age, Ava was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. She endured many surgeries and lots of chemotherapy that first year. As she was nearing the end of her treatment protocol, we were hit with the tragic news that her cancer was back. Ava underwent 30 rounds of high dose radiation to her brain and spine, followed by three rounds of high dose chemo and stem cell transplants. Just two weeks before Ava’s 4th birthday the treatment was over and she was in remission.
The fight wasn’t over…
There was the emotional aftermath as we found ourselves faced with recovering Ava’s emotional well-being and reintroducing her to the world. All she knew was fighting cancer. Then the late effects of treatment slowly started creeping in, like thyroid issues, physical and cognitive issues such as balance and learning, ear surgeries to fix holes created by the radiation, cataract surgeries to correct her vision, growth hormone shots because she stopped growing. Those are just a few of the speed bumps Ava faced over the next 7 years, but the last “late effect” of cancer was the one we couldn’t fix. A secondary cancer was found during a routine check-up in July 2016. This cancer was terminal. Imagine being told you would watch your child suffer and die before your very eyes. It happened and I still struggle to believe she is gone. I still find myself in disbelief.

Through all of this Ava seldomly cried. There was no self-pity or why me. She had anxiety about her treatments, but she never complained. Even though the new brain tumors were terminal she put on her game face and fought it for 14 months. They said she would live 12 months at best with treatment and like usual she beat those odds. She fought to LIVE until her very last breath. Ava’s faith, will to live, and endless love made an impact on this world and I will continue to share her legacy and her spirit. This is Ava’s way, so let’s LIVE it up!

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