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In Remembrance


Dale Steddum

Dale Steddum was born on December 6, 1952, in Oceanside, CA, to Dorothy and Glen Steddum. Because he was a Navy brat, Dale was able to see some fairly exotic places before turning 10 years old.

While vacationing in the Philippines at age 5, Dale decided to try a new toy sword by stripping the bark off newly planted trees. Unfortunately, the trees were planted in a new park in honor of Philippine soldiers lost in World War II. Subsequently, Dale became the youngest person ever asked to leave the islands and never return. Thus, the pattern was set for a life of spunk and spirit!

He attended Northern Illinois University, graduating with a Bachelor of Political Science degree in 1976 and a master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1978. He met his wife, Nancy, at Northern Illinois and was married in February 1979. They lived in California, Illinois, Nebraska and Kansas.

Dale worked for DST Systems, Inc., in Kansas City when he began having headaches, which was not the norm for him. He also encountered strong senses of déjà vu, so strong that he could even sense tastes and smells. The doctor told him later that this was actually a form of seizures, manifested in a different way.

Dale was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in May 2003, but his only concern was for family. He took the treatments without complaint and he amazed everyone with his continued good humor and strength. His smile would light up the room and his favorite saying became “It’s all good.”

After a stroke in June 2004, Dale showed everyone about the meaning of courage. He worked tirelessly to regain the use of his hand, but unfortunately, he was never able to return to work. But friends at DST did not forget him. They would take him to the movies, one of his greatest pastimes. They would call him regularly just to chat. He knew that he was loved by many.

Dale died May 4, 2005. He left behind his wife, Nancy, and sons, Daniel, now 24, and Michael, now 22. They witnessed the power of the human spirit, and it is a lesson that they will never forget. Dale lives in our hearts. We miss him everyday.

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