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In Remembrance


Eddie Bragg


We got the call today,
The one we’d all been dreadin’!
Our team captain got the nod;
To Heaven he was headin’!

A year ago last month
He found out he was ill.
That he didn’t have much time;
He’d better get a will!

What the doctors didn’t know,
Or at least not on that day,
Was that Eddie had a family
That would not go away!

His wife would not listen
To what the doctors said
She needed him to mow the yard!
Change the oil! And make the bed!

His sons still had some fishing trips
With him they had not taken,
And the youngest had knocked up his wife—
Kustom Jack was in the makin’! ☺

And speaking of his grandkids
The ones who called him, ‘Papa E’
They knew the best thing they could do
Was get down on their knees!

His brother, though the quiet one,
Would not just sit and stew
‘Cause he and Eddie Jack
Had lots more things to do!

His sister-in-law went straight to work
Recruiting personnel,
New doctors and new nurses
Who would work to make him well!

His sisters, too, had plans for him
Of memories not yet thought!
The older one would boss the rest
While the baby ‘stirred the pot’

All the while, the rest of us
Wondered just what we could do
To help out in this journey
‘Cause we all loved him, too!

That’s about the time
‘TEAM EDDIE JACK’ was born
To make it clear we’d help him fight,
An alliance we did form!

‘E’ was so courageous—
What a battle he did face!
But he squared right up to it
And bravely took his place

With the Healer in his corner
Proving science and doctors wrong,
He didn’t complain or mope around
Just smiled as he went along!

He lived and loved and made the most
Of every single minute!
Despite the battle that he faced,
He knew that he would win it!

You see our hero, Eddie Jack,
Knew something in his soul;
He knew with help from Jesus Christ
That he would be made whole!

TEAM EDDIE JACK, as we were called,
Will never be the same.
The one that we were cheering for
Has won his biggest game!!

Cause as we sit and mourn our loss
(We’re humans…it’s what we do)
Eddie Jack has crossed the Jordan,
And met sweet Jesus, too!

A host of family and friends
Must have met him at the gate
But in the front you know he saw
Gan-Gan & Grampa—they couldn’t wait!

Right now I bet they’re loading up
With gear for their favorite hobby
Cause Bud is ready and waiting to go!
“Get in the boat, Bobby!”

Written in Loving Memory of Eddie Jack Bragg
by Amanda Jill
October 2, 2012

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