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In Remembrance


Jeanette Keely

Jeanette Keely started on her journey to heaven on February 16, 2010 after a 5 month battle with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. She was born May 11, 1934.

It all started on September 16, 2009 when Jeanette and Harry, her husband of 55 years, went on a day long trip to Branson Missouri to see a show. They had planned the day months in advance and had a beautiful day. On the way home, after dinner, Jeanette had her first seizure, then the second and third. Harry rushed her to the emergency room where she was eventually diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. Jeanette had brain surgery and then several weeks of rehabilitation. She returned home in early October, 2009. She was determined to continue rehabilitation and she decided not to pursue any further medical treatments.

The next several months were both joyous and devastating as Jeanette was able to achieve skills she had lost and then she would face a set back. Through it all she was incredibly courageous and gracious. She never lost hope although the odds were against her. That’s how she lived her life!

She was a wife of 55 years, mother of two daughters, grandmother of four children, recently a great grandmother, a sister and aunt to many nieces and nephews. She loved her family and made them the central focus of her life.

In her professional life she served as a nurse for thousands of patients. She was full of life and hope, she was considered the ‘life of the party’ and she was willing to listen to the person in need. She was giving in so many ways and her presence on earth will be missed terribly.

She often told her children and grandchildren that she “loved them higher than the sky”! Well mom, we will be looking to the skies for you every day!

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