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In Remembrance

mom chemo pic

Mildred Scheffler

My mom is my hero, and the most amazing woman I have ever known. She absolutely loved being a mother. It was her natural gift that God gave her- to care for others, especially children. From sewing our Halloween costumes, to always making sure that we had home cooked meals. Staying up late countless nights just to talk, or staying up late to pray the rosary while she waited for us to get home safely, Mom always put herself second so she could put her family first. My mom was not only our mother, but also our friend.
Mom’s love of children continued to show when she decided to open her home to others and start her daycare. In 1986, no one could have ever imagined the impact that she would make on so many lives. Her door was open at 6am, pillows and blankets ready to go for those early ones who weren’t quite ready to wake up yet, and breakfast was getting started. And if you ask any of Mimi’s kids – no one can make toast the way Mimi made it. Or any food really – the moms would try and make the exact same things Mildred would cook for the kids, something as simple as macaroni, but the kids would not eat it at home, only at Mimi’s house. We never figured out what her secret was.
For twenty-seven years, my mom was Mimi to over 30 children. Whether you went to Mimi’s as daycare, or that was your second home because you were friends with one of her own children, she loved you so dearly.
Over time, the name Grandma was added to her list. In 2004 her first grandchild, Trey, was born. Then came Colt, Madilyn, Conner, and Caden. Whether it was rocking them to sleep as babies with her special touch, sending a card for every birthday and holiday, finding the best seat at Madi’s dance recitals, playing Yatzee for hours, or traveling to each ballgame any of the boys had, despite her illness, my mom absolutely loved her grandchildren, and it always showed.
When Mom got sick and could no longer run the daycare, the house wasn’t completely empty though, she had her grand puppy Cowboy. They spent their days at home together, and he was there with her through the good days and the bad. That was his grandma too, and she spoiled him just as much as the other grandkids.
As Mom’s cancer progressed, she didn’t stop. She was always a fighter, some even called her Superwoman! She still hosted the family for home cooked meals, was always ready to help out in any way she could, and some people didn’t even know she was sick until the end. Company was always welcome, and anyone who stepped onto the porch of my parent’s home could immediately smell the sweet jasmine vine growing. It was a warm and welcoming feeling, which was just like her.
I could go on and on for hours talking about the amazing woman she was… her incredible sugar cookies and homemade soup, her dedication to her family and friends, her creativity, beautiful smile, and kind words- except when the ref made a bad call at one of the boy’s games, then she let them know.
But to sum it all up, she has always been an angel to us, and now we all have a new guardian angel to watch over us. We all love and miss you MOM.

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