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In Remembrance


Nathan Rosser

Nathan Rosser died July 17th, 2012 after a 23 month battle with a glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumor at age 34.

He was a 10 year survivor of viral endocarditis.He was a wonderful husband. He was married September 19th,2009 he was diagnosed just before his 1 year anniversary. He was a hard worker.
He always rose to every occasion with determination. He made you want to work hard and achieve great things. He had this great ability to always focus on the solution because there was “no point focusing on the problem.” He was a family kind of guy, although he did not get to have any of his own he loved on his nieces and nephew often. He was a lover of dogs. He is survived by his English Bulldog Hutch (As well as several other family members).
He had such a beautiful way of putting life into perspective. He never complained about anything he had to face. He was a great example to all he had contact with. The cancer may have ultimately taken his body but it could never take his warrior spirit.
He is Admired Greatly
Loved Fiercly
He will be Missed Daily
We love you Nathan.

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Nathan Rosser