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In Remembrance


Steve Lampe

First of all, don’t call him Steven! We know the nurses were following protocol, but Steven was his “in trouble” name!! 🙂

I love my “big brother” so much. He is/was my HERO. He has always been my world, even when he was tormenting me. He was my inspiration for humor, my stand-in “father” … my hero in so many ways that neither he nor anyone else may have ever understood, but that’s ok. I don’t care if anyone understands that relationship; we did, and I needed him, my beautiful brother.

I was fortunate enough to spend a hospital night with him after his stroke. Some of it funny, most of it precious as we held hands and fell asleep that night. The last night that I would ever spend with him before watching him take his last breath.

I miss him every day of my life. I think about him every day. I hate that I can not talk to him on the phone or in person.

I ran the 2011 Head for the Cure 5K for my brother. He should not have died. He should not have had his life taken away from him. He was MY MIRACLE! I miss HIM, my brother STEVE…

My bully/dear brother, you have the biggest part of my heart always… Steve Lampe. I miss you so very much.

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