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In Remembrance


Trevor Hill

After battling a headache off and on for months and finally when it wouldn’t go away, Trevor went to the hospital to get help. I received the phone call at 4:22am that they had found a mass but nothing else was known.
During the next day, lots of tests were done and the options were given. Once Trevor heard the options, he words were loud and clear, “Let’s do This!” After the surgery to remove the mass and testing, we found that we were dealing with Anaplastic Astrocytoma with H3K27M mutation.
Over the next months, radiation and chemo treatments were now the new norm. Although the treatments were not easy to deal with, he pushed himself to get back to his normal life. He went back to work a few short weeks, only taking enough time off to go to his treatments.
As time wore on, there were more indications of growth and new cells. A decision was made to try proton therapy and a new chemo. The results were not favorable and in April, a tumor that was pressing on his spinal cord was making it hard for him to walk. He still pressed on to be cured.
After coming home to Missouri in May, he was admitted back into the hospital in Dallas and his health deteriorated quickly.
Trevor fought for 732 days and on July 28, 2019, he was given his heavenly reward. His fight was an inspiration to many people, some of whom he never met.
We will forever miss him and will also be forever grateful to Dr. Patel and the UT Southwestern staff for the 2 years of time that they gave us.

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Trevor Hill