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Advocacy Alert

Advocating for brain tumor patients and caregivers is crucial in our work at the Head for the Cure Foundation to defeat brain cancer! That’s why we are asking you to join Head for the Cure, and the broader brain tumor community, to provide your opinions on an extremely important matter.  Please take the time to read the notice below, regarding important information about Medicare coverage for specific brain cancer therapy.


Optune: This is an FDA approved treatment for Glioblastoma which is also recommended as Level 1 – the highest level – by the NCCN guidelines as one of the standards of care for treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastoma.

Medicare: Until now, Medicare has not covered the cost of the Optune device. With this ruling, they propose to now cover the cost but with restrictions.  The main restriction that could have a grave impact is not allowing coverage of Optune for patients who are not treated at an NCI designated cancer center.  Not only does that eliminate coverage for thousands of patients, but it could set dangerous precedence for other insurance companies. Currently, 95% of private insurance companies insure the Optune device, but these regulations may open the door for companies to adjust their coverage plan to match Medicare’s. 

Read the Proposed Rule   

Act Now!

There is an open comment period now through June 24th, as well as a public meeting on June 20th in Baltimore.  You can provide your opinions either in person, via teleconference or by email. 

Public Meeting – June 20th (9 a.m. – 12 p.m. EDT)
Westin Baltimore Washington International Airport
1110 Old Elkridge Landing Rd
Linthicum Heights, MD 210909 

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