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Columbus 5K Awareness Spotlight – Lori Jo’s Journey

Each year Head for the Cure invites you to Go Gray in May for Brain Cancer Awareness Month! We continue to show support for those who have been affected by a brain tumor during our annual 5K event in Columbus. We are excited for our 3rd Annual Head for the Cure 5K – Columbus taking place on August 9th!

One thing is for certain…we won’t stop fighting until there is a cure for brain cancer! This terrible disease affects real people every day, and Head for the Cure can’t build awareness, raise funds and ignite hope for the community without YOUR SUPPORT!

“Hello!  I am Kim Asbury. Last week, I was contacted by the HFC Organization and asked to share a positive story about my sister, Lori Jo Mines, a three-year brain cancer patient. Her story began on April 20, 2016 when at the age of 38, she suffered a stroke. During her hospital visit, she was told by the Ohio State University Emergency staff her stroke was caused by two large bleeding tumors in her brain. Three days later, Dr. James Elder, the lead Brain Surgeon at The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute performed brain surgery. Later that month, unfortunately, the tumors removed were deemed Stage 4 Glioblastoma, Multiforme, an aggressive deadly form of Brain Cancer. We were devasted at the news but decided to help Lori Jo fight this deadly disease!

We came in contact with the Head for the Cure 5K in 2018 when Lori Jo was having a second brain surgery to remove another tumor. There were flyers advertising the race at the James Cancer Hospital. Right away, we knew we wanted to be involved. I contacted the director and my brother and I put together a team of 30 people to race. We also nominated Lori Jo for a “Keeping the Faith Award.” Lori Jo wasn’t able to walk the race but she was pushed in a wheelchair so that she could participate, too. She loved it!!

This year we will be honoring Lori Jo at the HFTC race because we will be acknowledging the one-year anniversary of her passing on May 14, 2019, a few days before the race.  What we want people to know is that Lori Jo loved life more than ever after her diagnosis. She did not take one single day for granted.”

On these two beautiful storyboards are quotes from my sister before her passing.  The first one reads,

“Fighting brain cancer and its effects can seem everlasting.  I cry for many reasons some days… exhaustion, depression and the life I had and may lose. Then, I wipe away the tears and remember all the good that has come from this trauma.”

The second one reads,

“If I can be positive and laugh after all I’ve been through so can you!  Do something today to bring joy to you and to them. It’s the best medicine I’ve got!

Lastly, you’ll notice the shirt I have on says, “Nevertheless she persisted.”  This is my sister’s shirt. She wore this in her times of despair to remind herself what a cancer warrior she was!  God bless!”


Head for the Cure works to inspire hope for the community of brain cancer patients, their families, friends, caregivers, and other supporters while celebrating their courage, spirit, and energy. Every Head for the Cure event marks a day of celebration where we honor and ignite hope for those diagnosed with a brain tumor, we remember those who have lost their battles and we are inspired to carry on the fight! We know that during these difficult and challenging times it can be hard to find stories of positivity. We are lucky to have such an amazing community of supporters who brighten the lives of those affected by brain tumors each and every day.