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Detroit Team Spotlight – Team Glials Gone Wild

Each year, dozens of teams participate in our annual Head for the Cure 5K – Detroit.  Team Glials Gone Wild has participated in honor of Molly Marco and her courageous battle with brain cancer. By participating in this event, you are helping fund research and programs to support the brain tumor community.  Learn more about Team Glials Gone Wild!

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I started participating in Head for the Cure’s Detroit 5K in September 2017. I  was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Junior Glioblastoma) in October 2016, so I was still wrapping up my year of Temodar at the time– but I was thrilled to have participated the race because I love 5k races! I have spent most of my adult life getting really into fitness (spin class, yoga, running/races, CrossFit, powerlifting, training)–  so I was eager to prove to myself that I CAN STILL RUN despite my diagnosis! I was slower and heavier (lots of that year was spent on a high dose of steroids), but I was grateful to be able to move. If you’ve ever been diagnosed with a very serious cancer, you will find yourself becoming grateful for things you probably took for granted before. Never again. My Rogue Astros took up residence in my deep left temporal lobe, but they aren’t the boss of me. They’re unwelcome roommates for sure and they’ve been mostly/sort of evicted, but they’re never really entirely gone.  So, in the meantime, I run. I lift weights. I meet friends for coffee. And I face my diagnosis almost as an opportunity– to make new friends, to learn more, to embrace life as it is. Ever onward!

– Molly

Currently Molly is an Ambassador for HFTC, a mentor for Imerman Angels (as well as on the Michigan Board), participates in Twitter’s #BTSM chats, and an ePatient for End Well in San Francisco to name a few brain tumor related involvements. Thank you Molly for your continued involvement in the brain tumor community.