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A MESSAGE from Founder and President Matt Anthony

In recent weeks, in the midst of the global pandemic, we’ve all experienced profound changes to our daily lives. For each of us, our priority and our energy is focused first on the well-being of our families, while we also each do our part to bring unity and safety to our communities, our country, and our world.  

As we navigate these uncertain times, and our communities settle into finding the most productive and purposeful ways to “shelter in place,” all of us at the Head for the Cure Foundation want to take a brief moment to send our well wishes to you and your loved ones for safety and good health. We also want to extend our sincere gratitude to the health care professionals across the country for putting our lives before their own, to ensure those sickest in our communities have the best chance for recovery.  

While many of our 5K events have been postponed or reimagined as virtual events, we are working every day to activate new ways to engage the community, and continue our undaunted efforts to inspire hope for the brain cancer community. We are grateful for your ongoing support and encouragement to Head for the Cure and the brain tumor patients, caregivers, and loved ones who energize us every day. 

Head for the Cure is proud to be a beacon of hope for the brain tumor community across the country. And while our reach is now broad, we operate our Foundation with a very small staff, emboldened by the support and kindness from volunteers and supporters at Head for the Cure events from city to city.   

As the skies clear, and we look to brighter days ahead, we send you our best wishes for peace and comfort. With that certainty, indeed we will all get through this together.   

Keeping the faith.

Matt Anthony
Founder, President Head for the Cure Foundation