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Metro KC Team Spotlight – Sara’s Faith Walkers

Each year, hundreds of teams participate in our annual Head for the Cure 5K – Metro KC.  Sara’s Faith Walkers have participated in honor of Sara, a beloved daughter and sister. By participating in this event, you are helping fund research and programs to support the brain tumor community.  Learn more about Sara’s belief that “Today is a Good Day!”


In June 2012, Sara had a seizure just days after her 26th birthday.  This seizure led to the discovery of a tumor in the right frontal part of her brain.  The tumor (6 cm in diameter) was surgically removed and she was diagnosed with glioblastoma (Stage IV brain cancer).  Over the next four years, Sara underwent 5 brain surgeries.  She also received 30 radiation treatments, 105 chemotherapy treatments, 7 blood transfusions, and 14 treatments under clinical trial WT2425K at MD Anderson.  Sara was a fighter and she never stopped fighting, even at the end.  Sara lost her battle with brain cancer on her 30th birthday, June 9, 2016.  

Sara had an unwavering faith in God.  When we formed our first Head for the Cure team in 2012, it was Sara who chose our name – Sara’s Faith Walkers.  It was the perfect name for Sara’s team!  Sara’s supporters walked with her for four years as she went through treatments, surgeries, lengthy hospital stays, long trips to Houston, as well as everything in between.  Her team became her prayer warriors and her stretcher bearers.  The “Sara’s Faith Walkers” community was there for Sara when she needed them the most!

Today, Sara’s Faith Walkers continues on in memory of Sara.  It is amazing what can be accomplished when a group of people get together!  We strive to raise hope, awareness, and funding for brain cancer research.  It is our hope and prayer that one day soon there will be a cure!

Sara lived her life as if every day were a good day.  Regardless of the day she was having, or how she was feeling, if asked “how are you” she wouldn’t hesitate to respond with “Today is a good day!”  Even on her last day, she still told visitors, “Today is a good day.”  After her passing, our family decided that phrase would become our new mantra.  So, from our family to yours, remember – Today IS a good day!

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