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Release of “Rare Enough”

Each of us can remember all too well the first time we heard the words “brain cancer”. For DJ Stewart, those words came after having a seizure during his first day of a new job. He couldn’t have imagined what the next few years would bring, but now he’s sharing his journey with the world to help others. 

After his diagnosis, DJ held off on hearing his prognosis from his doctors and family. One day he asked his mom to share with him what the doctors said. In response to a devastating estimate of living only 18 months, he said “If I’m rare enough to get this, maybe I’m rare enough to beat it.”

We honored World Cancer Day with the release of “Rare Enough”. This short documentary takes you on an intimate journey through DJ’s story with himself in the driver’s seat. From his initial diagnosis to countless treatments, this visually compelling film documents how DJ’s attitude, friendships, and community helped him throughout his battle with cancer. View the documentary here or below.

RARE ENOUGH from Ryan Lovell on Vimeo.