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State of Ohio Brain Cancer Advocacy Alert!

Advocating for brain tumor patients and caregivers is crucial in our work at the Head for the Cure Foundation to defeat brain cancer! That’s why we are asking you to join Head for the Cure, and OhioState Representative Jeff Crossman, to provide your opinions on an extremely important matter.  Please take the time to read the notice below, regarding important information about helping make May officially Brain Cancer Awareness Month in the state of Ohio.


While brain cancer advocacy groups continue to recognize May as Brain Cancer Awareness Month, this is not a national or state acknowledged month of advocacy and awareness.  Ohio State Representative Crossman has a personal reason to want to pass a bill officially designating May as Brain Cancer Awareness Month.

Rep. Crossman lost his mother, Rose Weikart, to a glioblastoma (GBM) in May 2018.  Rose was known as someone who was always taking care of other people. Even as the effects of the GBM became more and more apparent, she continued to think of others above herself. Crossman also lost his grandfather to brain cancer as well.

Unfortunately, there are too many similar stories as brain tumors can affect anyone, anywhere and at any time.  With more than 80,000 newly diagnosed in 2019 alone and the median life expectancy of a GBM still at 14-16 months, Crossman is leading this movement to help raise the awareness needed to help fight this disease! 

Act Now!

We need volunteers to tell their own personal stories to Ohio legislators on why formally designating May as Brain Cancer Awareness Month is so important. We would need all testimonials by September 1st.  In addition to the written testimonies, advocates are encouraged to testify in-person during one of the sessions in the early fall, once a date is established. We can help you craft your testimony letter.  If you are interested in joining the fight, please email

Your Voice Matters!