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Team Spotlight – Dorothy’s Sunshine Gang

Each year, teams participate in honor of a loved one who has fought or who is fighting a brain tumor at the Head for the Cure Brain Cancer Awareness 5K.  Dorothy Pollack was a loving mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother who inspired her family to carry the torch in her name each year to support the brain cancer community.  By participating in this event, you are helping to support brain tumor research and programs at the Brain Cancer Awareness 5K and Hillman Cancer Center.  Learn more about her story.

See the beautiful lady in the picture? She is why we are doing this. Dorothy was a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, Girl Scout leader, bus tour aficionado, friend, and collector of rare light houses. Just kidding. She loved light houses and so she did her best to buy them all. Just ask her husband, Joe. Seriously–go ahead and ask him. He will be the handsome, spry 90 year old passing out water at one of the rest stops. In late 2013, Dorothy began to have trouble getting around and was easily irritated. Then in mid-January 2014, she fell. Being a stroke survivor, her family assumed it was another stroke and rushed her to the ER, where an MRI revealed a large brain tumor. Following surgery, her tumor was diagnosed as a treatment resistant GBM or glioblastoma – a form of brain cancer. On February 27, 2014, Dorothy lost her battle with brain cancer surrounded by her loving family.

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