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Brain Tumor Awareness Month

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We work year-round to build awareness, raise funds, and ignite hope for the entire brain tumor community across the country. During this month, these efforts go into overdrive! Each year, we focus on new initiatives with updates on new research efforts and programs to support the community and personal stories to bring the community together.

How Can You Go Gray?

  • Join One of Our 5K Events. We are so excited to announce some big plans soon about our upcoming 5K! Stay tuned!!! Brain tumor diagnoses haven’t stopped because of the pandemic, and neither has Head for the Cure, or our supporters!
  • Share Your Story. Brain tumors are so elusive and unknown compared to other forms of cancer. It impacts real people, and we all need to raise our voices to build awareness.
  • Like, Comment, Share on Social Media: We will be sharing stories and initiatives across social media, and we need your help spreading the word.
  • Start Your Fundraiser. Whether a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser, a night out at your favorite bar or restaurant, a neighborhood walk or other ideas, you can raise funds in a safe way to support your team goals.
  • Tune Into Game On Glio Podcast: This first of its kind platform provides a way to share caregiver and patient experiences while educating the community on the latest in research. Find out more at

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