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Team Kris Campbell

In October 2003, Harry and Kris Campbell registered for the inaugural Metro KC – Head for the Cure 5K to support the Anthony family. Neither suspected brain cancer would affect their immediate family just four months later.

Kris was diagnosed in February 2004, at age 34, with a grade II astrocytoma brain tumor, just 10 months after the Campbells’ wedding. Her tumor, which is a malignant form of brain cancer, also proved to be inoperable. Six weeks of radiation therapy followed, and Kris’ tumor is now tracked with regular MRIs.

The Campbells, along with their family and friends, have funneled their fundraising and awareness efforts into “Team Kris Campbell.” Consistently a top team in fundraising and participation, “Team Kris Campbell” has raised over $500,000 since 2004 and recruits 150 to 250 walkers, runners and strollers each year.

Team Kris Campbell, 2017 Head for the Cure – Metro KC 5K
Photo Credit: Nan Grube

“Of the people diagnosed with brain tumors in February 2004, 50 percent had lost their lives by early 2009, and 70 percent by 2014” says Kris, a former Keeping the Faith award recipient. “I feel that I am privileged—and also obligated—to raise awareness and funding for brain tumor research, especially on behalf of the warriors who were in a complete dog-fight for survival from ‘Day One.’  The members of ‘Team Kris Campbell’ bless us by rallying with Harry and me in this battle against brain cancer.”

In addition to recruiting a team each year for the Metro KC event—and Chicago in 2016— Kris and her family have also raised funds through non-traditional avenues like Pampered Chef and Silpada fundraisers, a family reunion “silent auction” in a Wisconsin barn, and a local art gallery event. “Our donations range from $20 to $5,000, and we could not reach our goals without each and every dollar,” says Kris.

In 2012 Harry published his book Get-Real Leadership and launched a keynote speech that he has now delivered over 100 times across the country.  100% of gross speaking fees and book proceeds directly benefit Head for the Cure.  His efforts have raised nearly $500,000 in donations, bolstered by his second book and keynote speech, Get-Real Culture, in 2016 and continuing with his third book, Get-Real Mindset, launched in 2020.

Harry and Kris look forward to continuing to raise awareness and funds to support research through Head for the Cure and the Brain Tumor Trials Collaborative, and they invite you to join them!

Thank you for your support!