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Fundraising and Community Relations Coordinator

My name is DJ Stewart I am a 31-year-old skateboarder, business owner, and all-around life enthusiast. I also happen to be a 2-time cancer survivor including a grade 4 Glioblastoma.  Since very early on in my diagnosis I have had the mindset that “if I’m rare enough to get this disease I am rare enough to beat it” and with my role here at Head For The Cure as the community outreach coordinator I plan to share that message with other survivors and the world as a whole. Though the initial diagnosis with cancer is something extremely scary it has given me arguably the biggest gifts in my entire life and made me a better Husband, Son, and friend. I am beyond excited to bring my take on survivorship to the world and help defeat Brain cancer Step by step. Skate by skate. And day by day!