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Shari N



Board Member - Planning Team Leader in North Texas

Shari became involved with Head for the Cure in 2010 when her friend and boot camp instructor, Stevie Patrick, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Shari was instrumental in bringing Head for the Cure to North Texas for their first annual 5K in 2011. She is a 1988 graduate of the University of Florida, earning her BS in Nursing, spending most of her career as a Hospice nurse caring for terminally ill patients and their families. Shari’s passion for the brain cancer community and finding a cure for brain cancer is reignited each year at the 5K event, where she works hard for survivors still fighting brain cancer and for the families of those who have lost their battle. 

Throughout the year and on race day, Shari focuses on volunteers, survivors and their teams. She loves connecting survivors with each other to help build a support network with others fighting the same difficult battle. Shari draws strength and encouragement from each Head for the Cure team, and considers it a privilege to be a part of the love and faith shown by family and friends, which is so prevalent in the brain cancer community.

Shari resides in Lucas, Texas with her husband, Brian and her two amazing daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah. She enjoys playing tennis, riding horses and volunteering with Brooks Labradors Service Dogs taking young puppies to Assisted Living Facilities.