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Start a Neighborhood Walk in Support of Your Brain Tumor Community!

Looking for ways to get your friends, family, and neighbors involved in this year’s race? We have some simple and helpful tools to help you reach your community!

Create a Neighborhood Walk in Support of Your Brain Tumor Community

  • STEP 1. Schedule your neighborhood walk. Pick a day that you think would work best for those in your area to walk in support of your brain tumor community. (Ex. A Saturday or Sunday morning might be the best for those who work or have families!) 
  • STEP 2. Post on Social! Post on your personal social media account, neighborhood Facebook page or app! Anywhere where your neighborhood could be reached. Use the text and image below. Make sure to update the text with your walk’s specific details!

Social Post – Option 1:
“Hi friends! I would like to invite you all to walk with me on DATE HERE (ex. Sunday, July 18th) at TIME in honor of (who you walk for). (Tell a little bit about your story and why you walk.) 

Join me in fighting this disease by walking your favorite neighborhood route! Join my team, make a sign, donate to the cause, or just show up and walk! Any amount of participation helps ignite hope for all of those impacted by a brain tumor!”

Social Post – Option 2: 
“Join me in the fight to defeat brain cancer step by step. Walk with us on DATE HERE, (ex. Sunday, July 18th) at TIME in honor of (my friend, brother, mother, father, etc). (Include any additional details about your story. Ex. Who is currently undergoing treatment, who has been a survivor for 4 years, who has passed due to this disease).

Walk, register, donate or make a sign in support of our fight against brain cancer! Your participation and donations help fund clinical trials and patient programs locally and nationally that brings us that much closer to finding a cure!”

Social Post Images You Can Use –You can download the images below to use when posting on social! You could also share pictures of your team as well!


  • STEP 3. Print the PDF Link Below! Leave it in your neighbor’s doors or mailboxes. Make sure to stay safe and follow social distancing guidelines when doing so!

Print Instructions:

  • Save the PDF and open it in Microsoft Word as an image. Make the PDF image the size of the page, then place text boxes over the designated areas and type in your event walks specific details! Save and Print (will fit easily on 8.5×11 paper)!
  • OR print the PDF (will fit easily on 8.5×11 paper) and write your walks specific details on it!


  • STEP 4. Post on social, email, neighborhood apps or pages, etc. letting people know that you left posters on their doors or in their mailboxes and why you’d love for them you join your neighborhood walk!

Social Post example: 
“Hi neighbors! You will find a flyer in your mailbox about our neighborhood walk for brain cancer on DATE at TIME! We would love for you to join us as we walk in honor of WHO YOU WALK FOR AND A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THEM. By walking with us or donating to Head for the Cure, you are helping build awareness, raise funds, and ignite hope for all those who have been impacted by a brain tumor. Please feel free to reach out to me at PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL, SOCIAL (WHATEVER YOU FEEL MOST COMFORTABLE GIVING OUT) with any questions or on how you can get more involved!”

  • STEP 5. Get creative! Make your own signs for your yard, windows, or to carry while you walk!
  • STEP 6. Keep reminding people why you walk and continue to invite them! Post on social, email, neighborhood apps or pages, etc.

Social Post Example: 
“Don’t forget to walk with us DATE HERE in honor of all those affected by a brain tumor! I walk in for NAME AND YOUR STORY OR WHY YOU WALK.

The average survival rate for all malignant brain tumor patients is only 36%. Statistics like these are why we need a cure! Help us defeat this disease step by step. Make a sign, donate or just show up and walk in support!”

  • STEP 7. Document your walk and share it with us on social media by tagging @headforthecure! Encourage all your supporters to share their walk as well!