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2020 Columbus 5K: Participant Spotlight

Hello all! I hope that everyone is safe and in good spirits. I wanted to spend a little time talking about what Head for the Cure means to me. Hopefully, I can lighten everyone’s spirit a little!

To me, Head for the Cure means hope. The only way we can prevent this horrible disease from affecting future generations is research, and effective, decisive research means money.  That’s where Head for the Cure comes in. Head for the Cure’s goal is providing the money needed to conduct the necessary research so we can find the cure to brain cancer, sooner rather than later. As long as we have the money for research and the men and women working tirelessly to find a cure, then there is hope!

I want to personally thank everyone at Head for the Cure, everyone involved in the races, walks, teams, and captains of teams. Please carry with you the hope, that through your efforts, we will find a cure in our lifetime for this terrible disease.

Thanks, everyone and stay healthy!