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Susan H. Ignites Hope for the Salt Lake City Brain Tumor Community!

Each year head for the Cure invites you to Go Gray in May for Brain Cancer Awareness Month, and this week we are sharing inspiring stories about those igniting hope within the brain tumor community! At this year’s Inaugural Head for the Cure – Utah Brain Tumor Alliance – UT Go Grey 5K we will ignite hope and show support for all who have been impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis! 


This terrible disease affects real people every day! 
Susan ignites hope by sharing her story and supporting other survivors!

“I am a 22-year brain tumor survivor. We’ve done the Go Gray event for about 5 years. I was diagnosed in April 1998 following a seizure. I had an oliodendro-astrocytoma mix grade 3/4 removed one week later. At that time the prognosis was grim. I received 7 months of chemotherapy and 2 months of radiation. I feel very fortunate that I had an oncologist who believed I could survive this. I was able to return to work three weeks following my surgery and I worked through my treatments. This really helped me feel “normal” during this time and kept me firmly focused in the future. I’m sharing my story to give hope to those who are diagnosed with this frightening disease. 22 years ago, when I went through this, I did not know anyone who had survived cancer, let alone a diagnosis like this. I want people to know that statistics are just numbers and that you can fall into the percent who beat the odds. We participate in brain tumor fundraising events to support others who are experiencing the trauma of brain cancer, to celebrate survival and to raise funds to support research.” – Susan H.

Each registration and donation for the UT Go Grey 5K ignites hope! The funds raised through this event will support both local and national endeavors of finding a cure for this disease! 


Every Head for the Cure event marks a day of celebration where we honor and inspire hope for those diagnosed with a brain tumor, we remember those who have lost their battles and we are inspired to carry on the fight! During these difficult and challenging times, we could all use some stories of hope and positivity. The brain tumor community is lucky to have such amazing supporters who brighten the lives of those affected by this disease each and every day. 

Show your support and ignite hope by registering for or donating to the Inaugural Head for the Cure – Utah Brain Tumor Alliance – UT Go Grey 5K. Help us show those battling a brain tumor that NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE! 

Register or Donate Today for the UT Go Grey 5K!