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Team Captain FAQs – Columbia

Having a team at the Head for the Cure 5K can be a rewarding way to show your support for a loved one fighting brain cancer or a uniqute tribute to someone who has succumbed to the disease.

Below are the most commonly asked questions (and answers) for your convenience as a Head for the Cure Team Captain. You can learn more about forming a team here.

Head for the Cure looks forward to seeing all the teams out in force on race day!

How can I get someone’s name listed in the “in honor of” section?

Simply send an email with a name, and we will get it added right away.

If someone selects the name in the “in honor of” section, does it put them on my team?

No, it only signifies that the person registering is participating in honor of someone.

To register for a team, the individual must select “I would like to join a team” during online registration. Your team name will only appear after you have created it.

What if someone who is already registered wants to be on my team?

Simply send an email, and we will add that person to your team.

Can I pick up my team members packets at team packet pickup?

If you would like to pick up your entire team’s packets, please make sure you notify your team members that you are doing so. Also, please allow enough time for our volunteers to assemble your team packets when you come to collect the packets.

Packet Pickup will be held Friday, April 20, 2012, from 4-7 p.m. at Tryathletics, 1605 Chapel Hill Road.

How do I publish my team’s fundraising page?

  • Log in to the registration system by clicking here.
  • Click on “Manage Your Fundraising Page” or “Manage Team Fundraising Page” under the Fundraising header on the right side.
  • Look under Upcoming Events and click on the “Manage Fundraising” (personal) or “Manage Team NAME HERE Fundraising.”
  • Select the icon you want to use (probably the runner), enter a fundraising goal amount, select the team name from the dropdown menu (if setting up a team page), upload a photo (if they want to) and enter any customized messaging into the field.
  • Make sure you click on the “Publish Your Page” button at the bottom. You can go back in as often as you like and make changes like the fundraising amount, change photos,  messages, etc. Always remember to always click on the “Publish Your Page” button after making a change.
  • Share your page (you will be given a customized URL to direct people to your page) with friends and family so they can donate directly to your team through your page.

How do I download team reports through team fundraising page?

  • Log into your team fundraising page
  • Click on the “View Fundraising Reports” link at the top of the page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Export my team members” or “Export my donors”

Someone on my team says they made a donation, but it’s not appearing on my fundraising page.

Donations should be made through your team fundraising link (provided to you when you publish your fundraising page) to ensure that the donations are directed to your team specifically.

If someone makes a donation in the same transaction while registering online for your team, the system is not currently capable of directing that donation to your team (that feature will be available next year), and it will appear as a general donation. If you would like to have a donation moved over to your team, please send an email and we can move it for you.

How do I nominate someone for a Keeping the Faith award?

You may submit a nomination through our website by Monday, April 9th. Keeping the Faith awards recognize the personal stories of those in the midst of their fight with brain cancer. It is an important part of the awards ceremony as we pay tribute to what they have survived and what lies ahead of them. We award five individuals at the event each year.